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Immediate Need

We are so sorry for your loss. Please call the Houston Jewish Funerals and Dallas Jewish Funerals Director who is available 24/7 to assist you at this difficult time. We are at your service to walk you through all the required steps.

In Houston, call (713) 666-0257. In Dallas, call (972) 424-1141.

Houston Jewish Funerals and Dallas Jewish Funerals will provide all the support and guidance you need during this difficult time. Throughout this process, we help families create a service that is meaningful as well as affordable. Whether you have an immediate need or an imminent need, we want to make sure that your needs are met. You have many options available to you. No matter how you choose to honor and remember your loved one, we will help guide you through the process and answer all of your questions.

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Immediate Need Services

The loss of a loved one is very emotional. We know that this is an overwhelming time for you, and this guide will help you in making the needed arrangements.

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When a Death Occurs

When a death occurs, there are so many things to consider and decisions to make. These lists can help you navigate through them.

Notify these people as soon as possible:

• The funeral home to arrange for the transfer of the deceased (usually this can be done within 1-2 hours although it may take longer to obtain a release from the hospital) and set an appointment with you to make further arrangements.
• Relatives, executor/executrix, and friends.
• Employers (the employer of the deceased and relatives who will need time off).
• Insurance agents (life, health, and accident).
• Religious, fraternal, civic and veterans’ organizations, and unions, if applicable.
• Lawyer and accountant.

Secure the vital statistics of deceased:

• Full legal name – other names must be identified by “Also Known As” (AKA).
• Home address and telephone number.
• Name of business or employer’s name, address, and telephone number.
• Industry and occupation.
• Military service serial number.
• Date and place of birth.
• Citizenship.
• Father’s name and birthplace.
• Mother’s name, maiden name, and birthplace.
• Locate the will.

Meet With Funeral Home

Decide within a few hours:
• Clothing that the deceased will be buried in.
• Whether your loved one is to be buried.
• The funeral director will ask if you have made any arrangements with a cemetery. If you have not done this, you will need to visit the cemetery.
• Service details – would you like a visitation period, formal service, a reception?
• Whether a rabbi will be engaged for the service.
• Pallbearers, music, pictures, scripture, or other readings.
• Casket selection.
• If you would like a charity to receive donations.
• Whether you would prefer casket burial (if you haven’t already decided).

If casket burial:

• Would you like other members of the family to be with your loved one in the future? This determines the size of the lot.
• What type of memorial do you prefer? Choice of a marker set flush with the ground or an upright memorial.
• Would you like to protect your loved one’s casket with a concrete vault?
• What type of presentation would you prefer for the burial service? E.g. a tent canopy, chairs, mats leading to the grave etc.

Pay for:

• Cemetery and memorialization services.
• Current and urgent bills (i.e. mortgage, rent, taxes, telephone, etc.).

Collect documents:

(Required to establish rights for insurance, pensions, survivor benefits, ownership, etc.)
• Will.
• Legal proof of age or birth certificate.
• Social Security card.
• Marriage license.
• Citizenship papers.
• Insurance policies.
• Bank books.
• Deeds.
• Car ownership papers.
• Income tax returns, receipts, or canceled checks.
• Military discharge papers.

Transporting the Deceased to Another Country for Burial

We have extensive experience shipping loved ones to other countries for burial. If you require international transportation, please advise us as soon as the death has occurred so we can begin making arrangements with the  appropriate authorities. Please be advised that complying with the requirements of other jurisdictions takes time – a minimum of one week, often longer.

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