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Sammy Abrams September 13, 1922 - December 2, 2018

Sammy had quite a full life. He lived to be 96 years old. In spite of coming from very poor parents, he was the only one of four children to finish college, and did it by himself, always working and caring for his mother, too. Sammy loved to joke about not getting a middle name, his parents were just too  poor to afford one. He was in World War II, and then continued in the Reserves at Ellington Air Force Base, and moved up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After the war, he became a teacher for HISD. Sammy was the best Algebra teacher in Houston for 35 years and retired there. He married at age 40. Sammy and Helen were quite the couple. Of course, Sammy was the boss and Helen was the follower. They were married for almost 56 years. Sammy liked the younger gals and Helen liked older guys, so it worked out perfectly, as they were 17 years apart. Sammy and Helen also sold real estate together, and were quite successful. Sammy loved fishing and taught Helen how to fish. They became avid fisherman, and always had plenty of fish for family and friends. Sammy also loved gardening. He grew more vegetables than the family could eat, so that he could share the abundance with many neighbors. Sammy’s biggest accomplishment was his exercise program. He jogged, worked, and exercised religiously for over 55 years- rain, sleet or snow. He was never lazy. After retirement from teaching, Sammy and Helen enjoyed traveling and cruises. Besides his wife Helen, he is survived by two children, son Steve and wife Shannon and daughter Taylor, plus four grandchildren who he was so proud of (Michael, Amanda, Ally and Casey). Sammy will truly be missed by all who loved him, especially Helen. Sammy definitely made an impact on all the people who came in contact with him. May he rest in peace. Amen

A Graveside service was held Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at Beth Yeshurun Post Oak Cemetery.


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    Verna Harris says

    Rest in Peace Mr. Abrams.

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    Gloria Shoss Tenenbown says

    Sammy Abrams was the best math teacher I ever had. He taught me Algebra at Cullen Junior High School. He could be brutal to those who came to class unprepared with his unique sense of humor, but everyone loved and respected him. If you did it his way, you were sure to be successful. I went on to be a math major in college at a time when girls were not encouraged to STEM majors. Sammy tutored my sister and I and we welcomed him to our home with Shabbat dinners as gratitude for his talent and interest in us as students. I will always remember him.

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    Jon Schwartz says

    I had Sammy Abrams for algebra at Cullen Jr. High circa 1961. Along with Mark Sevier (speech and drama) and Miss Dickson (English), Mr. Abrams was the best of the best. It heartens me to know
    that he led such a long and active life. The dedication and knowledge that he passed on to his
    students not only. lives on, but is not easily forgotten.

  4. REPLY
    Pat Mintz says

    Dear Aunt Helen and family….
    Just read about Uncle Sammy’s death…. so sorry. Ya’ll were always my favorites and I remember you both fondly.
    Pat Abrams Mintz

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    Jeannine Moore Burks says

    I had Mr. Abrams at Cullen in the early 60s. He could be merciless to the slackers or the unprepared but would bend over backward to help you if you really tried. And I had to really try. I’ve thought of him many times over the years and I hope he realized what a positive influence he had on so many students. He was the best.

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