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Rachel Walker December 25, 1918 - December 27, 2014

Rachel Binder was born on the night of the Sabbath in Bessarabia, Russia in 1918 (the year  has been a source of debate). When she was a young girl, her family wanted to leave Russia  for a better life in America. During their transition, they made a brief stop in Cuba where they lived for a short time before moving to the United States with her mom, Esther  Binder, and two brothers, Arthur and Sidney. After some time in New Orleans, they eventually came to Houston where her dad, Joseph Binder, who had come before  them, was already working and had a home for them Most of Rachel’s life was lived in  Houston where she was married to Arthur Weinberg in 1939 and where they had 2 sons,  Jerry and Stanley, and a daughter, Pearl. Unfortunately, Arthur was diagnosed with  tuberculosis which left him very sick and unable to work. He died in 1952, leaving Rachel to  raise 3 young children on her own. She worked in sales at Foley’s in downtown Houston for many years. A job that she loved! During her time working there, she met a handsome  man from New Orleans, John Anthony Walker. He swept her off her feet; they were  married in 1962 and moved to Louisiana. Rachel loved living in Louisiana. She had a house  where she could garden, seafood that she loved to cook, and she took up the hobby of  bowling. Rachel and John traveled to many different places around the United States. She  always enjoyed shopping for her herself and her grandchildren. After John passed away in  1979, she continued living in New Orleans until her health declined, and then she moved  back to Houston in 1996 to be closer to her family. Rachel enjoyed living alone in her house  in Missouri City until her health declined in her early 90’s. She hated to give up her house  and her independence until it was absolutely necessary. She has been living at the Atria  Westchase on Richmond since 2009, where she enjoyed playing Bingo and visiting with  family. She was well taken care of by her sitters, Liliana and Rosie, who were an integral  part of her days. Rachel was a strong, independent woman who survived 2 husbands, 2  sons, and a brother. She loved her family and was loved by many. She will be greatly  missed by many, but also has many she is reuniting with in Heaven. She is survived by her  brother, Sidney Binder, her daughter, Pearl Bannwart, her grandchildren, Anthony  Bannwart, Angela Gilmer, Zena Weinberg, and Lael Weinberg, 5 great grandchildren, Cash,  Lane, Ashley, Reid, and Keaton as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Graveside  Service will be at 2:30 PM, Monday, December 29, 2014, Beth Yeshurun Allen Parkway  Cemetery.

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