Why Plan Ahead?

When a death in a family occurs, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made in a very short amount of
time. The decisions come at a time when everyone is under duress. The results of those decisions can also be
expensive and place a financial strain on surviving family members.

Making the decisions, planning an inevitable funeral, and paying for everything ahead of time is a gift to your family that also preserves your legacy in the way you want to be

Be Informed about Choices Available

Many do not understand that your choice of cemetery and your choice of funeral home are two different options. They are not dependent on one another. Whether or not you own burial property, Dallas Jewish Funerals and Houston Jewish Funerals can help you go over the choices. Dallas Jewish Funerals and Houston Jewish Funerals will coordinate with all cemeteries to provide the ceremony of personal and individual choice.

Funeral services are meant to be personalized to the individual being remembered and to those who are grieving. Special readings and the involvement of friends and family are all appropriate and encouraged. Special requests are no longer special… they are simply part of a Dallas Jewish Funerals’ and Houston Jewish Funerals’ service.

A Priceless Gift

Pre-planning your wishes will help lift the burden from your family by relieving the decision-making pressure at a time of grief and emotional stress. This will allow your family and friends to begin the grieving process. Pre-arrangement is perhaps one of the most meaningful gifts of love you can provide for your family.

Eliminate Inflation and Rising Costs

Pre-planning financial arrangements can help offset the effects of inflation, reducing the potential pressures to your family. The cost of funerals are subject to inflation, but pre-paying your funeral costs today locks in the costs to today’s prices. In 15 years, funeral costs are expected to rise by 60 – 65%. You protect your family’s wealth while making objective decisions in an unpressured environment. Establishing your budget and considering your financial arrangements will help alleviate your family of a financial burden.

Our Commitment to You

Because we have witnessed the difficulties that many families encounter during a time of loss, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to help ease the burden that usually falls on loved ones. Decisions Made Early is a reflection of our commitment to you.

Decisions Made Early

When you participate in the Decisions Made Early program, you will first be guided through the process of funeral pre-planning. You will be able to put your wishes in writing and file them with the funeral home. This is a free service we offer because we have seen how meaningful these simple plans can be to grieving families at the time of loss.

Next, You can decide whether paying for services in advance is right for you. With the Decisions Made Early program, it is possible to pay for your anticipated funeral expenses in advance. The plan can be customized to fit your current budget. Our Decisions Made Early plans can also come with insurance protection, meaning that if an unexpected loss occurs before the balance is paid, your contract will still be covered. We offer this service because it is our desire to help alleviate the financial burden that falls on families during such a difficult time. 

Reasons to Pre-arrange

Pre-planning your wishes will help lift the burden from your family by relieving the decision-making pressure at a time of grief and emotional stress. This will allow your family and friends to focus on celebrating your life and begin the grieving process.

Pre-paying for services and considering your financial arrangements will help relieve your family of a financial burden.

You can be sure that your family and friends are informed about your wishes. Have friends and family share your memory the way you want.

At Dallas Jewish Funerals and Houston Jewish Funerals, we have access to many financial tools including irrevocable trusts that can help protect your money against inflation and taxers in ways CDs and savings accounts cannot.

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